Bart Kosko

Bart Kosko


Dr. Bart Kosko is a best-selling author and professor of electrical and computer engineering, and law, at the University of Southern California. He is an award-winning pioneer and author in the machine-learning fields of artificial intelligence, neural networks, and fuzzy logic. He holds degrees in philosophy, economics, mathematics, electrical engineering, and law, and is a licensed attorney.

Dr. Kosko has organized several conferences on machine learning, and serves on the editorial board of several technical journals. He holds several patents on machine learning and has published over 150 scientific articles. He has also published several textbooks and is the international bestselling author of Fuzzy Thinking, Heaven in a Chip, Noise, the re-released cyber-thriller novel Nanotime, and the new global-warming-thriller novel Cool Earth about what can go wrong moving the Earth to cool it.




Past Shows:

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  • Anti-Aging Research

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  • AI & Brain Interfaces / Demonic Encounters

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  • Brain Hacking

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  • Brain Chips & Geoengineering / Ancient Artifacts & Circles

    Prof. Bart Kosko discussed various topics, including brain chips, geoengineering, and a new theory about dreaming. Followed by researcher Michael Tellinger on ancient stone circles and artifacts in Southern Africa.More »
  • AI & Science of the Future / Incredible Near-Death Experience

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  • AI & Brain Implants / UFOs & Russian Disinformation

    Prof. Bart Kosko discussed AI advances and his novel Nanotime. Followed by Nick Redfern on how the Russians used UFOs as part of a disinformation campaign.More »
  • AI & Brain Implants / Qabalah & Magic

    Bart Kosko discussed the latest in artificial intelligence and brain implants. Followed by Lon Milo Duquette on Qabalah and magic.More »
  • A.I. Advances/ The Power of Intention

    Bart Kosko discussed North Korean threats and A.I.Lynne McTaggart revealed her experiments with group intention.More »
  • Rethinking Education

    Retired San Francisco school teacher Tom Berg discussed why he believes the public school system is highly problematic. Children (particularly C, D, and F students) are being dis-empowered, having their spirits squelched, and turned into slaves, he said. First hour guest,...More »
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Broadcasting live from Manila, Art Bell welcomed professor of Electronic Engineering at USC, Bart Kosko for a discussion on artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, noise, and other cutting edge spheres of scientific research.More »
  • Atlantis, Cayce, & Artifacts

    Expert on the American prophet Edgar Cayce, Greg Little discussed new discoveries in the search for Atlantis, mounds in ancient America, as well as findings in Egypt. First hour guest, Prof. Bart Kosko talked about efforts to create an artificial brain, which are said to be...More »
  • Noise, Law & Technology

    Professor of Electronic Engineering at USC, Bart Kosko, discussed the phenomenon of noise and its significance in society and the environment.More »
  • A Study of Noise

    Prof. of Electrical Engineering at USC, Bart Kosko, discussed the complex relationship humans have to noise.More »
  • Rebroadcast: Bart Kosko from 11/15/03

    In this rebroadcast from 11/15/03, Art Bell welcomed Peter Davenport of the National UFO Center in the first hour, followed by USC Engineering Professor Bart Kosko discussing fuzzy logic and nanotechnology.More »
  • Nanotech & Our Future

    USC Engineering Professor Bart Kosko returned to the show to discuss technology and its future uses. Right now, he said, there is a "gold rush" for patents on nanotechnology devices. Carbon nanotubes are starting to be seen in such products as baseballs and clothes, and they may...More »
  • Terrorism & Nanotechnology

    Professor of Electrical Engineering at USC, Bart Kosko, joined Art on Saturday to discuss the latest advances and dangers of nanotechnology, as well as the US war against terrorism. Kosko cited his recent Los Angeles Times article, Terror Threat May Be Mostly a Big Bluff, in...More »
  • Nanomaterials

    Professor of electrical engineering, Bart Kosko discussed the latest research and technology that could improve protective body armor, as well as other products, by utilizing new nanomaterials.More »
  • Nanotechnology, Fuzzy Logic & UFOs

    Saturday's first hour guest, Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center gave an update on new cases. Main guest, Professor of electrical engineering, Bart Kosko, talked about the latest breakthroughs in Nanotechnology and Fuzzy Logic.More »
  • Fuzzy Logic

    Bart Kosko, a professor at USC and expert in fuzzy logic, was the guest on Monday night. Defining fuzzy logic as a "branch of machine intelligence that tries to get computers to think like people think," Kosko estimated that between 2015-2020 computers' processing power will...More »
  • Bart Kosko

    World-renowned as the leading proponent and popularizer of Fuzzy logic,Professor Bart Kosko is the author of several books and writes for Scientific American and other technical publications. Professor Kosko received bachelors degrees in Economics and Philosophy from the...More »