Bart Kosko

Bart Kosko


Dr. Bart Kosko is a best-selling author and professor of electrical and computer engineering, and law, at the University of Southern California. He is an award-winning pioneer and author in the machine-learning fields of artificial intelligence, neural networks, and fuzzy logic. He holds degrees in philosophy, economics, mathematics, electrical engineering, and law, and is a licensed attorney.

Dr. Kosko has organized several conferences on machine learning, and serves on the editorial board of several technical journals. He holds several patents on machine learning and has published over 150 scientific articles. He has also published several textbooks and is the international bestselling author of Fuzzy Thinking, Heaven in a Chip, Noise, the re-released cyber-thriller novel Nanotime, and the new global-warming-thriller novel Cool Earth about what can go wrong moving the Earth to cool it.




Past Shows:

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    Retired San Francisco school teacher Tom Berg discussed why he believes the public school system is highly problematic. Children (particularly C, D, and F students) are being dis-empowered, having their spirits squelched, and turned into slaves, he said. First hour guest,...More »
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