AI & Brain Implants / UFOs & Russian Disinformation

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AI & Brain Implants / UFOs & Russian Disinformation

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In the first half, Prof. Bart Kosko discussed new results in AI and the re-release of his novel Nanotime that depicts a World War III in 2030, when people's brain contents can be transferred onto a computer chip. This transfer, he explained, could cause a person's subjective sense of time to massively speed-up-- a few seconds could last a century or more. He believes that the technological advances in chips, and digital implants portrayed in his book, will actually be heading our way in the years to come, and they will usher in a radical change in consciousness. Those on "nanotime" will view people who haven't made the leap as like "frozen statues," he remarked. The possibility of people hacking into brain chips is likely, he noted, and could lead to unimaginable forms of manipulation, yet he's hopeful that technologies such as blockchain may help to circumvent such invasions.

He also addressed the "black box" problem of AI neural systems-- users uncertain with how the machine arrives at its decisions may not trust it. "What we'd like to have," he said, "is every time you ask the AI oracle a question, the answer comes with a confidence measure," such as high or low confidence. Adding such a layer of fuzzy logic to the system will improve its ability to work with probabilities, he detailed. Kosko also shared a new report that a Google neural network outperformed or equaled radiologists in detecting lung cancer.


In the latter half, author Nick Redfern revealed that for decades, the Russians secretly used the UFO phenomenon as a means to try and destabilize the West by trying to recruit some of the most well-known UFO contactees of the 1950s, and fabricating tales of aliens to feed the Pentagon, which may even continue to this day. But, he added, just because the Soviets were creating false UFO stories to generate fear, doesn't mean the phenomenon was not real in many instances. In the aftermath of the Kenneth Arnold 1947 sightings, the FBI began to investigate various reports, he cited-- they uncovered some fake cases, as well as the presence of Soviet spies, said to be in New Mexico looking into the UFO mystery around the time of Roswell.

The popular 1950s contactee George Adamski reported meeting aliens in the desert, and interestingly, he characterized them as communists, and suggested we should embrace their philosophy, Redfern disclosed. Adamski met with several Russian individuals in the early 50s in Los Angeles, he continued, and the FBI concluded that the goal of some of the early contactees was to spread communism under the guise of benevolent ETs. Further, the Aetherius Society, started in the UK by George King, advocated getting rid of nuclear weapons and becoming friendly with the Russians, causing British intelligence to take notice and suspect that the group had been unwittingly infiltrated. The controversial Majestic 12 documents (classified files referring to a secret organization set up to handle knowledge of UFOs and aliens) were possibly created by the KGB to dangle as a trade for information from the US defense program, concluded CIA investigators.

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