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Noise, Law & Technology

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Date Host Art Bell
Guests Bart Kosko, James Gilliland

Professor of Electronic Engineering at USC, Bart Kosko, discussed the phenomenon of noise and its significance in society and the environment. He also touched on legal issues and developments in technology. While noise typically has detrimental qualities such as interfering with sleep or concentration, it can make people smarter in some circumstances by causing more neurons to fire. To reduce noise in the home, he suggested using carpets which can absorb sound, placing appliances under rubber mats, and caulking windows.

Noise is affecting sea creatures, he reported-- and in particular the testing of sonar was associated with whales beaching themselves. The universe itself is permeated with noise left over from the Big Bang-- we are literally hearing the echoes of creation, he said.

Kosko talked about his interest in patent law-- it's important for inventors to get a lawyer and protect their creations from the start, he advised. Quantum computing and nanotechnology continue to advance, he shared-- for instance, a "nanoshirt" (which can adapt to the environment) and replicator-like devices may not be far off.

Gilliland Update

First hour guest, contactee James Gilliland gave an update on his UFO/ET communications. ETs, such as the "Pleiadians," generally avoid governments and prefer to make contacts with regular folk, working on the level of consciousness, he said. Their technology taps into the "Zero Point Field" and they have motherships "miles wide" that could intervene in the event of an Earth catastrophe, he noted.

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