Brain Chips & Geoengineering / Ancient Artifacts & Circles

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Brain Chips & Geoengineering / Ancient Artifacts & Circles

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In the first half, Bart Kosko, Professor of Engineering and Law at USC, discussed various topics, including artificial intelligence and brain chips, geoengineering to reduce global warming, and a new theory about dreaming and consciousness. With the planet getting hotter (2020 tied 2016 for the warmest year on record) and permafrost melting in Siberia, we may need to take proactive measures like solar geoengineering, he suggested. Methods for reflecting more light back from the sun include painting roofs white, while putting particles in the atmosphere to simulate volcanoes can have a cooling effect. An idea for dimming the sun by adding chalk into the atmosphere from balloons was met with protests by environmentalists, he noted.

Kosko believes we are moving closer to humans getting retinal bio-chips or implants that may allow them to surpass ordinary vision abilities or multitask in new ways. As far as brain chips, he expressed privacy concerns, and how in future criminal cases, a defendant's thoughts or what their eyes saw could be accessed and used against them. Additionally, he warned there could be a kind of "cancel culture" consequence where people's chips are disabled if they don't conform. Kosko recently updated his paper (related image/article), which postulates that consciousness doesn't just produce dreams during sleep but rather all the time. However, our awareness of that is blocked by sensory stimuli when we're awake.


Scientist and researcher Michael Tellinger has for almost 30 years been obsessed with science, the cosmos, and the origins of humanity. In the latter half, he shared his ongoing research on mysterious ancient ruins and stone circles found in Southern Africa, as well as his theories on the fossils of giants and Anunnaki. The circles, which are massive in number, were not used as dwellings, Tellinger has deduced. He believes these structures functioned together as energy generating devices, perhaps originally serving to alter the area's atmosphere and climate, stimulating more rainfall and vegetation. This advanced technology was developed by ancient beings or ETs such as the Anunnaki, he added.

The "fingerprints" of the Anunnaki are all over Southern Africa, he continued, and there is a lot of evidence for their ancient gold mining. He now concludes that "Adam's Calendar," a South African circular site similar to Stonehenge, could date back as far as 300,000 years and is connected to humankind's origins. Tellinger contends that huge rocks are actually the fossilized body parts of enormous giants (related photos), and include hearts, teeth, and knuckles. He also pointed out a strange conundrum-- many ancient installations that used advanced frequency technology were destroyed and dismantled with as much effort as it took to build them.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Mish Shedlock

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