Matthew LaCroix

Matthew LaCroix


Matthew LaCroix is a passionate writer and researcher who grew up exploring the outdoors of northern New England. After college, he began studying ancient civilizations, philosophy, quantum mechanics, and history. His focus became uncovering and connecting the esoteric teachings from secret societies and ancient cultures that disappeared long ago. At 32 he published his first major book; “The Illusion of Us”, which combined years of research to discover the truth about the past, human origins, the gods of antiquity, as well as the fundamentals of consciousness. In 2019 he released his second book entitled; “The Stage of Time”, which represents a compilation of studying ancient texts, evidence for lost civilizations, spiritual wisdom, and theoretical physics, combined together to find answers to some of our most difficult questions.

Matthew works as a writer/researcher at Gaia and has appeared on shows such as Open Minds and Beyond Belief. He is a frequent guest on numerous podcasts and panel discussions and is currently co-writing his third major book with Billy Carson entitled: “The Epic of Humanity”, which will focus on uncovering the mysteries of the human origin story, the timeline of lost civilizations, and ancient catastrophes.



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Ancient Egypt & Cataclysms / UFOs & Alien Bases
Tenured faculty member at Boston University, Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D., presented evidence that the Sphinx is thousands of years older than previously thought. Followed by extraterrestrial researcher Robert Stanley who discussed various topics related to UFOs.


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