Matthew LaCroix

Matthew LaCroix


Matthew LaCroix is a passionate writer endowed with an energetic and kind spirit. Growing up in the outdoors of northern New England, a strong connection back to nature was firmly rooted into the morals of his life at an early age. He spent most of his free time hiking and exploring the nearby mountains and forests. His persistent yearning for adventure led him into profound, life changing experiences that inspired him to write for local and national magazines such as Backpacker and AMC Outdoors.

While attending Plymouth State University, he published his first book at the age of 22 and began researching ancient history and philosophy. At 32 he published his second book entitled "The Illusion of Us" and began appearing on radio and podcast shows. Matthew is currently writing his third book as well as producing educational videos and movies on YouTube to help expand consciousness and awareness.



Past Shows:

Last Night

Facebook Censorship / North Carolina Haunting
Facebook Censorship / North Carolina Haunting
Whistleblower Ryan Hartwig discussed his time working as a content moderator on Facebook. Author Kent Heckenlively joined the conversation. Followed by Lynn Monet on her experiences in a haunted house in North Carolina.
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