Richard Lertzman

Richard Lertzman


Richard A. Lertzman is a film historian and author and the award winning co-author of Dr. Feelgood. It tells the true story of physician Dr. Max Jacobson who quietly changed history by injecting his specifically created "meth cocktails" that consisted of nearly 30 mg. of methamphetamine along with steroids, eel parts, human placenta, monkey gonads and sheep urine. Jacoben administered this mixture to many Icons of the twentieth century including President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie, Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Truman Capote, Ricahrd Nixon, Winston Churchill, and countless others. Jacobsen changed the way they thought, acted and reacted.

Ricahrd was the award winning editor of a cinema magazine that looked at classic films and the great directors, writers and editors who created them. He also co-author of a comprehensive and explosive biography entitled The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney. The book has been called "the comprehensive biography of Mickey Rooney and tell of his incredible life story along with the tragic last years."



Past Shows:

  • The Rat Pack / Occult Techniques & Magic

    Writer Richard A. Lertzman discussed the legacy of the Rat Pack, and Dr. Max Jacobson, nicknamed "Dr. Feelgood." Followed by author Richard Smoley on such topics as astrology, Tarot, and magic.More »
  • Dr. Feelgood/ Preventing Natural Disasters

    In the first half, author and publisher Richard A. Lertzman discussed Dr. Max Jacobson, whom the Secret Service under JFK code-named "Dr. Feelgood." He developed a unique "energy formula" which contained methamphetamine and altered the paths of some of the 20th century’s most...More »

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