Charles A. Lindbergh Jr.

Charles A. Lindbergh Jr.


Ever since the first born son of Colonel Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh was kidnapped in 1932, the resolution of that Crime of the Century has been the subject of on-going confusion, argument, and controversy. To this day articles and books are written about it, web sites refer to it, and periodicals contain articles bringing into question whether or not the Lindbergh child, Charlie, was murdered or whether the child remained alive after he was kidnapped, as believed to be the case by many people. Charles A. Lindbergh Jr. believes that he is the grown man who was believed to have been kidnapped and had pieced together the mystery of his life and had drawn some startling conclusions about the story of his life and alleged father, famed aviator Charles Lindbergh.

Past Shows:

  • Replay from 3/22/08: Lindbergh Baby

    In a rebroadcast from 3/22/08, Ian talked to Charles A. Lindbergh Jr., who claims to be the living 'Lindbergh Baby,' and told the story of why famed aviator Charles Lindbergh staged the kidnapping of his first born.More »
  • Lindbergh Baby Found!?

    Raised as an orphan by strangers, Charles A. Lindbergh Jr. shared evidence gained by personal research and questioning under hypnosis to support his claim that he is in fact the grown kidnapped son of famous aviator Charles Lindbergh.Lindbergh Jr. recalled the day of his...More »
  • Deathbed Confessions

    During Open Lines, Ian offered a 'deathbed confessions' hotline for callers who wanted to share their own or someone else's final revelations.More »

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