M. Chris Fabricant

M. Chris Fabricant


Chris Fabricant is the Joseph Flom Special Counsel and Director of Strategic Litigation at the Innocence Project. The Innocence Project works to exonerate the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reform the criminal justice system to prevent future injustices. As head of the Strategic Litigation team, he supervises attorneys to develop and execute national litigation and public policy strategies to address the leading causes of wrongful conviction, including eyewitness misidentification, the misapplication of forensic sciences and false confessions.

Fabricant has served as a clinical law professor, trial attorney, and appellate counsel. He has authored a number of articles, published in Fordham Law Review and New York University Law Review & Social Change, among others, and frequently speaks on criminal and social justice topics.



Past Shows:

  • The Innocence Project

    M. Chris Fabricant of the Innocence Project discussed wrongful convictions caused by junk science. In the first hour, paranormal investigator Greg Lawson commented on a new revelation in the JFK assassination case that challenges the 'magic bullet' theory.More »

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