Gary Magnesen

Gary Magnesen


Gary Magnesen served as a medic in an Air Force aero-medical evacuation unit, and entered on duty as an FBI agent in November of 1970. He was stationed in the Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Las Vegas field Divisions and retired in 1996 after 26 years of service. He was the Primary Organized Crime Squad Relief Supervisor and the Organized Crime Program Coordinator in Las Vegas and was responsible for the convictions of numerous mobsters, and was the recipient of many commendations and awards for his investigative efforts.

He has a degree in psychology and taught “Understanding the Criminal Mind” at the college level, and was a consultant for the National Museum for Organized Crime and Law Enforcement located in Las Vegas. He is the author of four books, and resides with his wife in the southwest United States. His curiosity piqued by an offhand comment by a relative, Magnesen launched a private investigation into the controversial meeting between Howard Hughes and Melvin Dummar, and the validity of the handwritten Howard Hughes Will which named Dummar as an heir.


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