Marc McPherson

Marc McPherson


Marc McPherson is a director and writer, known for Secrets of Nahanni, Ancient Peru Unearthed (2006), and The Watcher (2000).


Past Shows:

  • Secrets of Nahanni / Twilight Zone / Open Lines

    Marc McPherson discussed high strangeness associated with Canada's Nahanni National Park, including a region called "The Valley of Headless Men." Next, Arlen Schumer talked about Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone. Open Lines followed in the latter half.More »

Last Night

Dreams & Imagery / Choose You First
Dreams & Imagery / Choose You First
Teacher and psychologist Catherine Shainberg discussed the power of manifesting using imagery and dreams. Followed by author Vicki Dobbs on choosing yourself first instead of always being in service to others.
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