Kenneth Hanson

Kenneth Hanson


Dr. Ken Hanson is a dynamic author, lecturer, and founder of "Treasures in Time," an organization devoted to disseminating knowledge of the Biblical and classical world. He has dug on archaeological sites in the Middle East, lived in a politically volatile region of northern Galilee, and taught Hebrew on an Israeli agricultural settlement. He has also worked with a television news-gathering operation in a war zone in southern Lebanon, at the height of the civil war that left the jewel of the Mediterranean in ruins.



Past Shows:

  • Exploring the Book of Enoch

    Dr. Ken Hanson discussed the incredible rediscovery of the ancient book of Enoch. Followed by Open Lines in the second half.More »
  • JFK Assassination / Dead Sea Scroll Revelations

    JFK assassination expert James DiEugenio and director Oliver Stone discussed their new documentary on JFK and how it has been received. Followed by Hebrew scholar Dr. Ken Hanson on newly discovered Dead Sea Scrolls.More »
  • Nostradamus & Prophecy / Search for the Ark of the Covenant

    John Hogue returned to update his prophecy alarm as related to the pandemic, the economy, and the election. Followed by Dr. Ken Hanson on a subterranean dig for the Ark of the Covenant.More »
  • Ancient Meteor Explosion & The Bible

    Ken Hanson revealed how an ancient meteor explosion coincided with a biblical story. First hour guest Christopher Boucher spoke on CBD.More »
  • Alternative Health/ Dead Sea Scrolls

    Dr. Joel Wallach shared alternative health tips. Followed by Prof. Ken Hanson with updates on the Dead Sea scrolls.More »
  • Medical Breakthroughs/ Biblical Discoveries

    In the first half, author and researcher Christian Wilde discussed some of the latest medical research and breakthroughs related to using turmeric and stem cell treatments. In the latter half, professor, author and researcher Ken Hanson talked about the possible discovery...More »
  • Chemtrails & Morgellon's/ Apocalypse Cycles

    In the first half, biochemist and nutritionist Ted Broer spoke about an array of topics including secretive technology such as scalar waves, how transhumanism will turn humans into "bio-robots," and new studies on Morgellon's disease and a possible relationship to chemtrails. ...More »
  • Health Remedies/ Trial of Jesus

    In the first half, George Noory welcomed Dr. Joel Wallach, who discussed the human body's innate ability to heal itself through natural means and various minerals and supplements. In the latter half, professor, author and researcher, Ken Hanson talked about the archaeology...More »
  • Present Shock

    Douglas Rushkoff joined Ian Punnett (Twitter) to discuss what he calls "present shock," the idea that we have a completely new relationship to time; we live in an always-on "now," where the priorities of this moment seem to be everything. First hour guest, professor,...More »
  • Biblical Discoveries & Middle East

    Professor, author and researcher, Dr. Ken Hanson, spoke about biblical history, prophecies, and discoveries, as well as shared his analysis of the Middle East, and the potential for apocalyptic events. In the first hour, dating coach and motivational speaker Marla...More »
  • Living in a Haunted House

    Author Gary Jansen talked about how he became a believer in ghosts after moving back into his childhood home and experiencing unexplainable things there. In the first hour, Judaic Studies professor Ken Hanson commented on the authenticity of the Jordan Codices, and Councillor...More »
  • End of the World Special

    Skeptic Michael Shermer spoke about Harold Camping's failed May 21st Rapture prediction, and why people believe the things they do. Next, Judaica professor Ken Hanson discussed how President Obama's policy toward Israel could trigger Armageddon in the Middle East. Then, Dr....More »
  • Biblical Interpretation & Prophecy

    Author, evangelical Christian, former businessman, and Air Force officer Chuck Missler discussed biblical interpretation and prophecy. First hour guest, lecturer Ken Hanson talked about the discovery of the Jordan Codices, a set of books in cast lead that purport to depict...More »
  • Banned from the Bible

    Prof. Ken Hanson discussed "banned from the Bible" stories that were too explosive to make the cut into the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, and a recently discovered ancient tablet. First hour guests, musicians Matthew & Gunnar Nelson, the twin sons of Ricky Nelson, talked...More »
  • Gabriel Revelation, Essenes & Kabbalah

    Professor, author and researcher Dr. Ken Hanson returned to discuss the new stone tablet unearthed near the Dead Sea, which contains prophecies about the Messiah as well as revelations from the Angel Gabriel. He's been studying the 3-ft. tablet, known as the 'Gabriel...More »
  • Lost Bible Secrets

    Prof. Ken Hanson returned to share stories and secrets from lost biblical books.More »
  • The Judas Gospel

    Professor Kenneth Hanson, a scholar of lost Bible texts, discussed the recently publicized Lost Gospel of Judas as well as material from the Dead Sea Scrolls.More »
  • The Lost Bibles

    Prof. Ken Hanson shared his knowledge and analysis of the "Lost Bible" texts. These books, which were considered extraneous to the Bible, have been around for many centuries but most people are unaware of their existence, he said. Most were composed between 2,000 to 3,000 years...More »
  • Biblical Archaeology

    Kenneth Hanson holds a Ph.D. in Hebrew Studies and lectures widely on the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Kabbalah. In this program he delves into biblical archaeology and history.More »

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