James Gilliland

James Gilliland


James Gilliland is a best-selling author, internationally known lecturer, minister, counselor, multiple Near Death Experiencer and contactee. He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines; a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth who teaches higher dimensional realities from experience. He is recognized world-wide as the founder of the Gilliland Estate, commonly known as the ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) where he documents and shares amazing multi-dimensional contact phenomenon which can be viewed at eceti.org. He was initiated by a venerable Lama, Guyaltrul Rinpoche, and given the name Rigdzin Norbu, "Jewel of Pure Awareness." His unique focus on dispelling the myths propagated by the disinformation system make him an in-demand speaker at events such as the International UFO Congress, Star Knowledge Conferences, and Contact in the Desert.



Past Shows:

  • Angels & Demons / UFOs & ET Contact

    Paranormal consultant June Lundgren talked about various entities, including warrior angels and the need for help in the world today. Contactee James Gilliland discussed video and photo evidence he has of UFOs demonstrating intense activity, and why he believes they're here.More »
  • ECETI Ranch / Open Lines

    Multiple near-death experiencer and UFO contactee James Gilliland discussed the reopening of his ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) and the astonishing events there. Followed by Open Lines.More »
  • Multi-Dimensional Contact/ Open Lines

    James Gilliland shared dramatic stories of paranormal events and UFO sightings on his "ECETI Ranch." Followed by Open Lines in the latter half.More »
  • ECETI Ranch/ Places of Power

    Experiencer James Gilliland gave an update on his mysterious ranch and cave. Followed by Alyssa Adisi Waya Alexandria on natural power places.More »
  • ETs & Multi-Dimensional Contact

    James Gilliland discussed his ECETI Ranch where he documents and shares amazing multi-dimensional contact phenomena.More »
  • Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

    Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 4/25/01, when Deek Richards recounted his military story out of Germany with a recovered craft and alien bodes, and James Gilliland from ECETI talked about extensive UFO footage.More »
  • Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

    Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 4/25/01 when Deek Richards discussed a personal military story out of Germany involving a recovered UFO and alien bodies. James Gilliland from ECETI also spoke about his UFO footage.More »
  • Noise, Law & Technology

    Professor of Electronic Engineering at USC, Bart Kosko, discussed the phenomenon of noise and its significance in society and the environment.More »
  • UFO Activity

    Contactee James Gilliland discussed recent UFO activity around the world and at his Gilliland Ranch, where numerous eyewitnesses have documented ongoing contact with a variety of alien races.More »
  • Extraterrestrial Contact

    Live from his typhoon-ravaged home in the Philippines, Art Bell welcomed author and UFO researcher James Gilliland, who discussed his extraterrestrial contacts and their prophetic messages for Earth.More »
  • Space, Climate & UFOs

    Author and historian Robert Zimmerman spoke about space-related issues and also shared his contention that there isn't enough evidence to confirm that global warming is happening. We don't have enough data over long-term cycles to draw any definitive conclusions about the...More »
  • Advanced Communications

    Contactee James Gilliland lives on a ranch in Trout Lake, WA, that is a virtual magnet for unusual phenomena. He called the land a "vortex" that can alter the consciousness of those who visit. "The veil between dimensions are so thin," on the ranch, and that may account for the...More »
  • ET Contacts

    James Gilliland (eceti.org), the founder of ECETI and the Self Mastery Earth Institute, was the main guest on Monday night. Discussing his ET and interdimensional contacts that occur at his ranch in Trout Lake, Washington, Gilliland said there have been nights when as many as 50...More »

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