Marco Vigato

Marco Vigato


Marco M. Vigato is an Italian-born author, researcher and explorer who has dedicated the last 15 years to uncovering the truth about the origins of civilization. Educated at Harvard and Milan’s Bocconi University, he lives in Mexico City. He is the author of The Empires of Atlantis, published by Inner Traditions, and has appeared on numerous documentaries, podcasts, and TV shows as an expert in ancient Mesoamerica and the worldwide megalithic phenomenon. In 2020 he founded the ARX Project with the objective of uncovering more evidence of what he believes was once a global sea-faring culture that vanished at the end of the last Ice Age.



Past Shows:

  • Origins of Civilization / Open Lines

    Explorer and author Marco Vigato discussed the reality of Atlantis and its influence on the ancient civilizations that followed. The second half of the program featured Open Lines.More »

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