Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary


Bloody Mary is New Orleans’s number-one celebrity historian of her hometown’s supernatural history. As a born-and-raised NOLA gal, she shares both her unique women’s historic perspective and an insider’s knowledge drawn from family roots reaching back ten generations. She grew up immersed in the folklore of New Orleans, spent her adulthood researching the facts behind the lore, and connects firsthand with the spirits themselves as a gifted intuitive medium. She is also a revered folk historian, paranormal photographer, acclaimed storyteller, and internationally renowned documentarian appearing in hundreds of television shows about NOLA.

Bloody Mary opened America’s first Ghost Photo Gallery in 1999 and has been teaching spirit communication connection techniques full time for over twenty two years and spent a lifetime exploring them. She tours the country as an inspirational speaker promoting the Voodoo Paranormal technique and ancestral wisdom as an important and ne’er forgotten part of the worlds around us. She is an international advocate for spirit rights and is an industry leader in her field. As Voodoo Queen, Mary heads her own New Orleans Voodoo family tradition temple and works side by side with her spirit guide, Marie Laveau.



Past Shows:

  • Cyber Attacks & North Korea/ Spirit World & New Orleans

    In the first half, cyber technology expert Charles R. Smith offered analysis of threats from North Korea, and reports about security flaws, hacks, and viruses. In the latter half, an 11th generation Creole New Orleanian, Bloody Mary, made her debut on the show, discussing...More »

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