Matt Miksa

Matt Miksa


Matt Miksa is a former FBI intelligence analyst who helped prevent foreign spies from stealing America’s secrets. Today, he writes espionage thrillers that blend history, politics, and science. Matt holds a graduate degree in China Studies from Columbia University and has spent time living in Beijing. He believes delving into the paranormal might have been a good idea for his training as an FBI intelligence analyst since those stories train readers to expect the impossible, shake off their unconscious bias, and examine the world from unorthodox points of view.



Past Shows:

  • FBI Training & the Paranormal

    Author and former FBI analyst Matt Miksa discussed his novels and why paranormal training should be taught to agents and analysts at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. In the first hour, student loan debt commentator Alan Collinge made a case for cancelling student debt.More »

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