Lori McDonald

Lori McDonald


Lori McDonald has worked as a professional paranormal investigator and spiritual adviser since 1998. As a child she often visited her grandparents, who lived in a historic haunted home. In 1998, she developed the ability to take paranormal photographs. Her Whaley House orb photo was nationally televised on Fact or Faked. She is a legally ordained minister and Reiki Master Teacher who conducts professional paranormal investigations of haunted locations in the Phoenix Valley. Her specialty is in the research and documentation of the paranormal.



Past Shows:

  • Ebola, UFOs & Secrecy

    Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the current Ebola outbreak; a breakthrough at the UK's Ministry of Defense on the Rendlesham event; a gigantic black triangle seen by 25 U.S. Army Infantry south of Baghdad; and Robert Salas' experiences at Malmstrom...More »

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