Melanie Aguirre

Melanie Aguirre


Hypnotist, researcher, and author, Melanie Aguirre of the Quantum Disclosure Project has uncovered revelations regarding ancient hidden knowledge, sacred wisdom, and lost education.

Through Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Melanie travels the Earth’s Ancient Sacred sites to research, regress and reveal revelations of forgotten universal history, knowledge and origins through past life regression. Since there are no limits when it comes to Multidimensional Diving, we are capable of connecting directly with our Ancient Extraterrestrial lineage to regain insight of our forgotten past.

This information heals and awakens the Ancient DNA and soul that creates a ripple effect of awareness throughout Earth and through all Universes. Since we are connected as one, Melanie continues Dolores Cannon’s mission to drop the pin of wisdom, insight and remembrance for all to expand, explore and to learn from in a humbling way.



Past Shows:

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    President of Truth in Energy and Climate Frank Lasee argued that more CO2 is better for the Earth, and coal energy is not destructive to the climate. Followed by hypnotist Melanie Aguirre on hypnotic regression and the Star Seeds.More »