Robert Nemiroff

Robert Nemiroff


Dr. Robert Nemiroff is a Professor of Physics at Michigan Technological University. He is quite proud of his award as an "exceptional graduate student mentor." He holds a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania and became a Fellow of the American Physical Society in 2022. Dr. Nemiroff is perhaps best known as a creator and editor for one of NASA's most popular science websites: The Astronomy Picture of the Day. In his spare time, Robert likes to play basketball, read and watch science fiction, and think about concepts in science that are both very simple and very strange.



Past Shows:

  • UFOs & Theology / Paradoxes of Light Travel

    Dr. Ray Boeche, founder of the Fortean Research Center, discussed the UFO phenomena with a theological or metaphysical explanation. Followed by Prof. Robert Nemiroff on how light's speed creates simple but mind-expanding paradoxes.More »
  • Bridgewater Triangle Mysteries

    Joining George Knapp, co-director of a documentary chronicling the Bridgewater Triangle, Aaron Cadieux, along with paranormal researcher, Christopher Pittman, discussed the weird triangle and the mysteries surrounding it including ghostly hauntings, cryptic animal sightings, UFO...More »

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