Nina Boski

Nina Boski


Nina Boski has been studying Marilyn Monroe for 10 years. She has three projects involving Marilyn Monroe, a feature film, a docuseries, and two successful podcasts around Marilyn, "Goodnight Marilyn Radio" with over one million downloads and now the Behind the Icon series and 60th-anniversary investigation series that she produces with best-selling authors Gary Vitacco Robles and Randal Libero. Nina is a media executive, radio and TV host, and producer of other projects, keynote speaker, and life and business coach to thousands of people, and a sought-after Marilyn expert. She has an up-close and heartfelt book coming out about Marilyn Monroe around mental health and addiction in the summer of 2023, called "Hold a Good Thought." 


Past Shows:

  • Marilyn Monroe's Death / Spirit Varieties

    Behind the Icon podcast producers Nina Boski and Randall Libero delved into the mysteries surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe. Followed by psychic medium Michelle Welch, who discussed the variety of energetic beings around us and how to connect with them.More »

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