Paul Seaburn

Paul Seaburn


Paul Seaburn's long, strange trip to paranormal news writing began with a career in tech support, management, and sales for two successful computer industry startups. A lifelong love of comedy led him to try standup, but his talent for writing resulted instead in a second career penning jokes for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, other TV shows, many top comedians, an Emmy-winning children’s show, a jazz/comedy show on public radio and as a contributor to over 30 collections of humor, trivia, and puzzles. Paul brought his writing and humor skills to the paranormal and strange news world at Mysterious Universe, where he could finally scratch the itch he's had since his youth to become a cross between Robert Ripley and Johnny Carson.



Past Shows:

  • Indigenous Values / Paranormal Stories

    Senior lecturer Taylor Keen delved into his book, Rediscovering Turtle Island, about the history and culture of Native American communities. Followed by writer and humorist Paul Seaburn who discussed the paranormal world and presenting paranormal topics in an entertaining way.More »

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