Jim Perry

Jim Perry


Jim Perry is a podcast host, creative producer, and entrepreneur based in the Pacific Northwest. His fascination for the anomalous events that happen in people's lives inspired the creation of Euphomet, the critically acclaimed audio documentary podcast about the strange and our relationship to it. Everyone has a weird story, and Jim is devoted to uncovering the intimate, human-centric version of these supernatural tales.

His interest in the esoteric and paranormal was first inspired by staticky AM radio broadcasts of Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and reruns of In Search Of, the investigative TV series. When he isn't embedded in the paranormal, Jim’s running DEFY Wrestling, and creating content as an experienced Creative Director and filmmaker for clients such as Lexus, Starz, and FX Networks.


Past Shows:

  • Investigating the Anomalous / Strange Tales

    Michael W. Hall discussed his investigations and the release of a smoking gun UFO document. Jim Perry talked about strange tales he's uncovered for his Euphomet paranormal podcast.More »