Randy Liebeck

Randy Liebeck


Randy Liebeck is a research specialist, field investigator and journalist covering the field of ghost and poltergeist phenomena. Utilizing a combination of cognitive investigative skills and the latest in technological monitoring and detection equipment, he has conducted haunted house investigations throughout the United States and in Great Britain.

He has had cases referred to him by individuals, universities, the news media, attorneys, government agencies and various parapsychological research organizations including the Rhine Research Center's Institute for Parapsychology, the Office of Paranormal Investigations, and the Ghost Research Society. A career law enforcement officer and national security operations specialist with the U.S. federal government, he brings a lifetime of skill and experience as a police investigator to the field of paranormal phenomena.


Past Shows:

Last Night

Billy Meier UFO Case / Akashic Records & Angels
Billy Meier UFO Case / Akashic Records & Angels
Author and filmmaker Brit Elders discussed the case of the Swiss farmer Billy Meier, who claims to have met with Pleiadian aliens hundreds of times. Followed by Akashic Records master teacher Amy Robeson.


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