Aron Ranen

Aron Ranen


Aron Ranen is an award winning documentary filmmaker, video journalist, professional cameraperson and a corporate video producer/director. Aron, funded with a $65K grant from the State of Ohio, set out to make a documentary to prove that Apollo astronauts really walked on the Moon.


Past Shows:

  • Stories of WWII Chaplains

    John Wukovits shared forgotten stories from chaplains who served during WWII. First hour guest, Aron Ranen, discussed his Moonhoax doc (Related Material).More »

Last Night

Alien Abduction / Open Lines
Alien Abduction / Open Lines
Author Whitley Strieber discussed his alien abduction experiences, republishing of Communion, and afterlife communications with deceased wife, Anne. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.
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