Ric Mixter

Ric Mixter


Journalist, author, former television news reporter and historian Ric Mixter specializes in maritime and aviation history. He's been awarded by the Association for Great Lakes Maritime History, featured on PBS and the History Channel, and served as president of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association. One of the most requested speakers on the Great Lakes, he’s versed in everything from shipwrecks to lighthouses and even aviation.



Past Shows:

  • ESP, UFOs, & the Occult / Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

    Occult expert Mitch Horowitz spoke about such topics as UFOs and ESP research covered in his new book of essays. Followed by aviation historian Ric Mixter on the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.More »
  • Natural Health / Great Lakes Shipwrecks

    Pharmacist Ben Fuchs shared natural health remedies and suggestions. Followed by journalist and historian Ric Mixter on the most remarkable shipwrecks on the Great Lakes, including the Edmund Fitzgerald.More »

Last Night

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Contact with Non-Humans / Haunted Port Gamble
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