Rob Heatherly

Rob Heatherly


Rob Heatherly has had a diverse career as an infantry marine as well as a structural and design engineer and estimator for the construction industry. In addition, he has experience as an auto mechanic and in electronics. Married for 13 years, he is the happy father of two and proud stepdad to 5 more. Rob’s many interests include physics and ancient history, which led to an exploration of UFO literature and nonhuman intelligences. Forced to retire due to an auto accident in 2009, Rob has continued to contribute to various investigations and research projects that lead to a better understanding of UAPs and nonhuman intelligence. After watching David Grusch’s Wikipedia page develop in 2023, Rob began his investigations which led to him discovering the secretive Guerrilla Skeptics. He was the first to do a deep dive into their activities, exposing their control of Wikipedia in detail.


Past Shows:

  • Wikipedia Cabal / Afterlife Guardians

    Rob Heatherly and Ali Duncan discussed a cabal within Wikipedia that controls and debunks the pages of various UFO researchers. Followed by Stafford Betty whose new novel explores the astral world's guardians and how they handle various challenges.More »

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