Robert Ramsay

Robert Ramsay


Robert Ramsay was born in 1964 and is still wondering about that. Wizard, lyricist, and some sort of musician. He has been a member of 'Men Are Dead', 'Tinyfish', and 'Tits Out For Captain Power', and is now a solo artist and Consulting Lyricist to the Gentry. His album 'Confound and Disturb' is available on Bad Elephant Music, and does what it says on the tin.

In parallel to this, he has spent thirty years researching the true nature of reality, publishing his findings as the paperback and ebook, 'The Engineering of Coincidence', searching for a truly scientific explanation of magic, with none of that 'aetheric vibrations' nonsense, or indeed any mention of the gypsies originating from Atlantis.



Past Shows:

  • Afghanistan War Secrets / Magic, Mind, & Science

    Investigative reporter Craig Whitlock discussed the Afghanistan war and how the facts were distorted. Followed by Robert Ramsay on mind reading, and synchronicity. Joe Nickell talked about Bigfoots in the last hour.More »

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