Eric Rankin

Eric Rankin


Eric Steven Rankin is a researcher in the fields of ancient cultures, religion, and physics. His findings have been featured on the History Channel and Gaia TV and made available to millions through his podcasts, YouTube videos, lectures, workshops, and published scientific articles. His ground-breaking discovery connecting fundamental geometry with specific musical harmonics has resulted in him being invited to numerous think tanks by some of the world’s top physicists, mathematicians, and experts in the field of extraterrestrial contact. His findings have been called by many to be the proof we’ve been looking for that humanity has indeed been receiving information from some form of higher intelligence for thousands of years.



Past Shows:

  • Antarctica Mysteries / Ancient Aliens & Harmonics

    Author and producer Brad Olsen discussed his explorations of the enigmatic continent of Antarctica and other mysteries. Followed by researcher Eric Rankin on how the ancient alien theory is backed up by geometry and harmonics.More »