Samantha Fey

Samantha Fey


Samantha Fey co-hosts two popular podcasts Psychic Teachers and Enlightened Empaths, both of which teach listeners how to embrace and celebrate their innate sensitivity and gifts. She's a Reiki Master who writes and teaches about dream work, crystals, Reiki, healing, and intuition. Samantha has worked as a freelance writer for several publications, including Beliefnet, Body, Mind Spirit, and The Wilmington Star News.



Past Shows:

  • Conflict Zones / Spirit Guides & Dreams

    Author and documentary filmmaker Robert Young Pelton shared his analysis of current conflicts and war zones. Followed by author and podcast host Samantha Fey on spirit guides, angels, and dreams.More »
  • Tesla's Discoveries / Dream Insights

    Author Marc J. Seifer discussed his 40 years of research into Nikola Tesla’s discoveries and inventions. Followed by intuitive Samantha Fey on dream insights and precognition.More »