Antarctica Mysteries / Ancient Aliens & Harmonics

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Antarctica Mysteries / Ancient Aliens & Harmonics

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Brad Olsen is an author, publisher, and producer known for his keynote presentations and interviews on esoteric subjects. In the first half, he discussed his explorations of the enigmatic continent of Antarctica, along with other mysteries like the Plain of Jars, giants, elongated skulls, and megalithic structures. Olsen recounted his trip to Antarctica around five years ago and what he observed there. There is a no-fly zone over the South Pole, and he suggested this could be a cover-up for a giant hole in the ice, which Admiral Byrd allegedly reported as an aviator on his first flyover of the area. Major disclosures could come from Antarctica from any one of a number of discoveries waiting to be confirmed, he said, including possible pyramids in the Ellsworth Mountains, and in the Beardmore Glacier, where some have claimed that a huge black basalt UFO has partially emerged from the ice.

The stone jars in Laos, estimated to be between 1,500 and 2,500 years old, are enormous in size, and legend has it that they were constructed by giants who used them for drinking cups. Near the jars, there are many burials of neatly stacked bones, so it's thought the locals used the jars for bodies to decompose and then pulled them out. Olsen also touched on the elongated skulls found in various parts of the world, with some contending they could have been part of an ancient alien race or civilization. The cultural practice of binding or putting a board on the head to change its shape would not account for how the skulls show evidence of having larger than normal brain sizes and eye sockets, he pointed out, adding that "maybe they were the offspring of the Anunnaki, or the Nephilim."


Researcher of ancient cultures, religion, and physics, Eric Rankin is most recognized for his discovery that elemental geometric shapes reveal specific musical harmonics. In the latter half, he showed how the ancient alien theory is backed up by geometry and harmonics. "Physicists now believe that there is a geometric substrate behind all of what we call reality...And if the universe is geometric in nature, and geometry reveals harmonics, then now we're talking about the entire structure of the universe as being one giant harmonic system," he marveled. There is evidence that ancient structures like the Great Pyramids are embedded with mathematical and geometrical information about the planet, he said, and this can first be traced back to around 6,000 years ago, when extraterrestrial beings or the Anunnaki visited Earth and shared advanced technology with a small group of people in Sumeria.

Rankin set the date of interaction at 6,000 years ago as that was the time writing was first developed, and before that time would be conjecture. What was being conveyed was not mythology, lore, or religion, he continued. It was facts about our planet, sun, moon, and solar system that could not otherwise have been known at the time. One extrapolation from this is that we could be living in an "engineered local reality" – a kind of hologram supported by a geometric matrix holding information. He also touched on sound technology, his interest in the Integraton (created by ET contactee George Van Tassel), and his upcoming presentations at Contact in the Desert and Disclosure Fest.

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