Jonathan Royle

Jonathan Royle


Jonathan Royle was born Alex William Smith on August 13th 1975 into a showbiz family and made his stage debut aged 3 and a bit as Flap The Clown on Gandey’s Circus. Today he is known worldwide as one of the most controversial, outspoken and truly unique hypnotic entertainers. He first started treating people with hypnotherapy in 1989 aged 14 and performed his first stage hypnosis shows in 1990 aged 15. His first live hypnosis training seminar teaching fellow professionals his unique techniques took place in September 1993.

Now in demand as a motivational and inspirational speaker, success coach and trainer in all areas of mind control, Royle has in recent years also promoted, advised and consulted for many other top names in the industry. He is the creator, developer and pioneer of his unique approach of Complete Mind Therapy which can be used to treat most any person with most any problem. Royle’s Complete Mind Therapy combines the most effective elements of the tried, tested and proven to work “real world” treatment strategies. Perhaps his most memorable achievement was being asked by USA Today to use his Complete Mind Therapy Skills in an interview with Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal to help promote their 2002 film “Analyze That”. His “mind skills” have been employed by organizations including Mac Donald’s, Rathbone’s Bread, Hilton Hotels, and Showbiz UK.


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