Bill Scott

Bill Scott


Bill Scott is the President and Founder of Free Our Family. Bill has sent out over 30 million Bible studies through email in the last 15 years. He is a popular speaker with youth groups and on college campuses in the United States and throughout the world. Bill is a Christian radio consultant who personally conducts 40 on-air fund-raising events each year.



Past Shows:

  • Encounter with the Demon-Possessed

    Bill Scott discussed his family's ordeal with a demon-possessed woman. First hour guest, Yvonne Sneeden, shared her NDE stories.More »
  • Possessions & Exorcisms

    In the first half, the Founder of Free Our Family, Bill Scott, recounted an excruciating 18-month period when he and his wife invited a woman who was demon possessed, and the member of an active satanic network, into their home. In the latter half, journalist Matt Baglio...More »