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Yvonne Sneeden

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Yvonne Sneeden is a Near Death Experience researcher and experiencer. A deep emotional life crisis lead to her Near Death Experience, in conjunction with medicines for heart arrhythmia. This profound and powerful life changing event, during which she visited a part of the place she felt or described as ‘Heaven’, transcended her faith and heightened her understanding of love, compassion, goodness, kindness, and acceptance of all. She is executive co-producer of the documentary "Back From the Light."


Past shows:

Encounter with the Demon-Possessed

Bill Scott discussed his family's ordeal with a demon-possessed woman. First hour guest, Yvonne Sneeden, shared her NDE stories. More »

Last Night

Graham Hancock discussed evidence for an advanced civilization, lost to history. Followed by Dr. Susan Plunket on dreams, and multiple realities.

More »


Full Schedule »


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