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Sev Tok was born in Istanbul, Turkey and came to the U.S. as a little girl. Growing up in the Washington DC/VA suburbs, she began having supernatural experiences and ET contact at a young age, which continues today. Spending a lifetime refusing to accept the reality of these events, she "came out" three years ago prompted by her face-to-face contact with a Grey who burned two X marks into her lower back.

Her book, endorsed by Kathleen Marden, expresses her journey from denial to acceptance about her ET contact and how this transformation has changed her life for the better. She helps experiencers around the world understand and process their ET contact, encouraging them to be aware of the profound transformation these experiences potentially hold for them. Sev is a spiritual counselor, conducting Soul Sessions, a speaker, and author emphasizing our multi-dimensional reality. Her talks, writings, and videos concentrate on expanding awareness about a individual’s energetic power to create one’s reality, while increasing personal peace, fulfillment, and success.



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