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Sal Santoro is the co-owner of The Crooked Path, a traditional witchcraft shop located in Burbank Ca. With over 30 years of experience, Sal has practiced various occult systems, which has given him the ability to combine these structures and systems cohesively, for practical ritual magick. His studies include traditional witchcraft ceremonial magick, planetary magick, Voodoo, and SpellCraft. Sal sees what he does as math and no matter which religion you identify with you can always use your will to manifest change.


Past shows:

John Fogerty: Life and Times / Witchcraft & Magick

Legendary musician John Fogerty talked about his career and interests. Followed by Sal Santoro, the co-owner of A Crooked Path on his work with the occult and witchcraft. More »

Last Night

Dr. Joel Wallach offered alternative health approaches that aid the body's recovery from diseases and ailments. Followed by master hypnotherapist Lesley Mitchell-Clarke on the recovered memories and patterns common with experiencers.

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