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New Madrid Fault / Alien Contacts & Revelations

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In the first half, author Bobby Akart discussed the history of the New Madrid seismic fault, which runs through the central US and is six times larger than the more active San Andreas fault in California. In the early 1800s, a series of enormous earthquakes rocked the Central Mississippi River Valley from present-day Memphis to St. Louis. Prior to that, 600 million years ago, the North American continent tried to tear itself in half. This devastation could happen again at any time, he cautioned. The New Madrid fault is some sixty miles wide and zigzags through such states as Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Kentucky. New evidence has indicated that the fault may be connected to the Wabash Valley seismic zone in Illinois and Indiana, potentially creating an even wider swath of destruction, he cited.

During the Madrid fault quakes of 1811-12, they were felt as far away as Boston, and the Mississippi River actually started flowing backward, flooding areas and creating new lakes. Akart warned that if a huge quake hits this area again, it could significantly disrupt America. Shipping and transportation along the Mississippi would be halted, and further, many structures in this area were not designed to withstand strong earthquakes. Akart also talked about other geophysical dangers, such as the Yellowstone supervolcano, which is due for an eruption. The ash and debris from this type of event would cause massive crop failure in America's breadbasket for many years, he lamented.


Contactee and spiritual counselor Sev Tok began communications with what she believes to be the Greys starting at age ten. In the latter half, she spoke about the nature of her ET experiences, which have run the gamut from beautiful to terrifying. In some of her contacts, she explained, she is transported to a multi-dimensional or interdimensional location-- one time, she sensed that she was actually on the Moon. In two instances, her body had physical evidence of contact, with red "X" marks burned on her back (related images). By coming to terms and being honest about these experiences, she was able to transform her life.

According to the information she received, the Greys were dying off because they lost emotional abilities like empathy. So "they decided to slice and dice DNA with human beings," to create a hybrid species. "There are billions of these hybrid embryos" being stored to repopulate the human race in case it annihilates itself, she revealed. Tok described contact with light beings she calls the "Blues," who are tall and in constant motion like a kaleidoscope. She also recounted a disturbing encounter with an MIB, who appeared in her bedroom and attempted to drain her energy like a vacuum. However, after a bit of struggle, she was able to seize her power, and oust the entity. For more, check out Sev Tok's YouTube channel, Alien Spirit TV.

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