Daniel Simone

Daniel Simone


Daniel Simone is a writer who has co-written autobiographies and published numerous shorter pieces on prominent figures in film, theater, and fiction. He created and wrote a monthly feature for Long Island Pulse magazine called "Between the Lines" where he interviewed and profiled renowned novelists. In September of 2012, he appeared in the one-hour Biography Channel documentary "Mobsters:Jimmy 'the Gent' Burke," which centered on the life and career of Jimmy Burke.



Past Shows:

  • Pierre Hotel Robbery/ Rethinking UFOs

    Daniel Simone recalled the major jewelry heist at the posh Pierre Hotel. Robbie Graham and Greg Bishop looked at new ways to view the UFO question.More »
  • Lufthansa Heist/ Data Mining

    Author Daniel Simone, who co-wrote a book with Hill, joined George Knapp in the first half to discuss the infamous unsolved Lufthansa heist, a daring armed robbery at Kennedy Airport that took place in 1978. In the latter half, investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed...More »