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Paul Sinclair is a full-time researcher based on the East Yorkshire coast of the United Kingdom. Paul goes over and above in pursuit of the truth. His honest no-nonsense approach has won him the trust of many people who have come forward to share their sightings and experiences. Witness accounts have read like a disjointed carnival of the strange that tell of glowing lights under the sea, mutilated animal carcasses, UFOs, and visits from Men in Black.

In-between boots on the ground research Paul has written the Truth Proof series. Four books that detail many of the incredible things seen and experienced around East and North Yorkshire-- a place where exotic phenomena hovers on the fringes of our reality. 



Past shows:

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New York UFO Sightings / UK Paranormal Hot Spot

Cheryl Costa reported on vintage New York UFO cases. Followed by Paul Sinclair on a paranormal hotspot in the UK. More »

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