Paul Sinclair

Paul Sinclair


Paul Sinclair is a full-time researcher based on the East Yorkshire coast of the United Kingdom. Paul goes over and above in pursuit of the truth. His honest no-nonsense approach has won him the trust of many people who have come forward to share their sightings and experiences. Witness accounts have read like a disjointed carnival of the strange that tell of glowing lights under the sea, mutilated animal carcasses, UFOs, and visits from Men in Black.

In-between boots on the ground research Paul has written the Truth Proof series. Four books that detail many of the incredible things seen and experienced around East and North Yorkshire-- a place where exotic phenomena hovers on the fringes of our reality. 



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Insights & Alien Messages / Open Lines
Insights & Alien Messages / Open Lines
Psychic medium Vincent Genna discussed the latest messages he received from the "Alien Counsel" that he is in contact with, regarding their purpose in coming here. Followed by Open Lines.
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