Ray Stanford

Ray Stanford


Ray Stanford is the premiere expert on the alleged Socorro, New Mexico, UFO landing. His seminal book, Socorro 'Saucer' in a Pentagon Pantry, was first released in 1976.


Past Shows:

  • Folklore & UFOs/ Socorro Incident

    Over two decades ago, eminent scientist Jacques Vallee wrote a provocative book about UFO cases, folklore, and certain unexplained phenomena. He joined George Knapp in the first half to discuss that original groundbreaking work Passport to Magonia, which changed our...More »

Last Night

Columbia River Gorge Phenomena
Columbia River Gorge Phenomena
James Szubski revealed how the electromagnetic environment of the Columbia River Gorge might play a role in people experiencing unusual phenomena. In the first hour, legendary Doors drummer John Densmore reflected on the band's music and legacy.


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