Brandy Stark

Brandy Stark


Dr. Brandy Stark started the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg in 1997, when she first started her academic research into the role of the liminal. She took her research to conferences and expanded into studying the lore and legends of Tampa Bay. She was able to utilize her connections at the University of South Florida to do her first official ghost hunt in 1999, which she later wrote up as an article for the USFSP student paper, The Crow’s NestFrom there, she did talks in the local community and met other individuals curious about the supernatural. She officially founded the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg paranormal investigation team in 2000, and it remains an active group today.

Over the years, she has done approximately 400 investigations locally, nationally, and internationally on her own and with her team. Stark’s goal is to involve the community in the research so that others can distinguish natural causes from those of more questionable origin. She has worked to create a reasonable and compassionate view of the supernatural world by integrating ideas and academic discussions of symbolism, cultural interpretation, and respect for others (dead or living). She is the host for the Paranormal Pets podcast now at over 110 episodes. Stark also authored a book on local paranormal phenomena called "Supernatural Saint Petersburg and Paranormal Pinellas." In addition, she is the guide for the "Shadows in the Sunshine" walking ghost tour of downtown St. Petersburg. Tours are created upon request and kept to small groups.



Past Shows:

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