Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels


Stormy Daniels, already well known as an adult film star, director, author, and standup comedian has always had one foot in the paranormal. Although she has had unexplainable experiences dating back to her childhood, it wasn't until she moved into a very haunted house in New Orleans in early 2019 that things really took off. These personal experiences and the devastating effect they had on her and her loved ones, inspired her to embark on a new adventure to discover the truth.

In early 2020, she had an intense experience at a location that resulted in the floodgates of the supernatural being opened and unlocking skills that she didn't even know she had. With each investigation and passing day, Stormy's gifts of mediumship and healing become stronger and are constantly being validated by both recorded evidence and some of the most respected individuals in the paranormal field.


Past Shows:

  • Stormy Daniels & the Paranormal / Encounter at the Titanic

    Stormy Daniels discussed the trial of Michael Avenatti, and how she was forced to defend her paranormal beliefs in court. Next, Charles Pellegrino reported on a strange encounter during an expedition to the Titanic, and his experiences taking the New York Times to court.More »

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