Wanda Thall

Wanda Thall


Wanda Thall presented on ‘The Lost and Found Tribes of the House of Israel’ at the ‘Follow the Truth 2’ Special Report Summit in April 2015, is the former producer and co-host of the successful and popular Internet Radio Show ‘Shock Talk with Bloom and Steele’ (2008-2012) and has been an occasional guest on Richard Syrett’s Conspiracy Radio Show-AM740 Toronto.
She is dedicated to the research of Bible History and the ‘Lost Ten Tribes’, has worked with Nelson Thall on ‘Unseen Hand: The Origin of History and Future of the English Speaking Peoples’ by Dr. David C. Lewis, and has read and studied the detailed and accurate works of Yair Davidy, author of ‘The Tribes’, ‘Joseph’, and ‘To Rule the World’


Past Shows:

  • Robots & Psychedelic Research/ Lost Ten Tribes

    Can we build a robot that trips on acid? This is not a frivolous question, according to neuroscientist Andrew Smart. If we can’t, he argues, we haven’t really created artificial intelligence. In the first half, he joined Richard Syrett to discuss how he's weaved together the...More »

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