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Dr. Ben Tippett is a theoretical physicist and mathematician. He received his PhD from the math department at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. He contributes to the Science… sort of podcast as the "On Call Canadian." In his spare time he likes to write papers about superhero physics or zombies, as well as research on black holes, gravity and gravitational lensing as a cloaking method. He is currently a math and physics instructor at the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus.

Past shows:

Shadow Governments/ Real Time Travel

Morgan Reynolds, Ph.D., talked about the deep state and shadow governments. Dr. Ben Tippett explained how time travel to the past may be possible. More »

Last Night

Co-creators Stuart Davis, Kirsten Blackburn, and Jay King discussed The Experiencer Group, social media for those who’ve encountered ETs, with George Knapp. In the first hour, Michio Kaku talked about relativity versus quantum theory.

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