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T.J. (Thomas) Japcon recorded a UFO hovering above the Chicago suburb, Tinley Park almost 17 years ago. He still lives in the southwest suburb, and is the foremost chronicler of what has come to be known as the Tinley Park Lights — a trio of color-shifting orbs, seemingly connected, that slid across the horizon before a crowd of witnesses.

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Mid-West UFO SIghtings & Tinley Park Lights / Open Lines

Illinois MUFON Director Sam Maranto, along with witness and investigator T.J. Japcon, discussed the Tinley Park UFO sighting, which involved a trio of color-shifting orbs that moved across the horizon before a crowd of witnesses. Open Lines followed. More »

Last Night

Dr. Joel Wallach shared alternative health approaches and the benefits of remedies and supplements. Followed by author Michael Goddart on developing one's higher mind.

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