Mid-West UFO SIghtings & Tinley Park Lights / Open Lines

Hosted byIan Punnett

Mid-West UFO SIghtings & Tinley Park Lights / Open Lines

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Host Ian Punnett (Twitter) welcomed Sam Maranto, the State Director for Illinois MUFON, who commented on the recent uptick in mid-west UFO sightings. "This last year has really picked up, in the last couple months quite a few reports," Maranto said, noting how sightings typically increase from August through October. Maranto reported on a sighting which took place over a concert in Southern Illinois in September. MUFON is still investigating the incident, and analyzing video and photos taken by concertgoers, he added.

Ian brought on his wife, Margery (Twitter), and son, Garr (Twitter), to report on a sighting they had in Chicago around 9:30 PM on September 21, 2021. The two watched from Garr's high-rise apartment building located halfway between Michigan Ave and the lake. Garr was facing south toward the center of Chicago and spotted the UFO first. "It was definitely an object with two, what I would say, appendages," he said. Margery described the object as a bioluminescent jellyfish, noting it appeared translucent and floated up like embers from a campfire. Both of them recalled the object had a glowing red aura.

Next, witness and investigator T.J. Japcon delved into a strange mass sighting that occurred above the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park almost 17 years ago. He and Maranto discussed the incredible phenomenon, which involved a trio of color-shifting orbs, seemingly connected, that moved across the horizon before a crowd of witnesses (Related Video). "As soon as I turned around my mouth just dropped because here comes three lights like in a triangle just hovering, and it made no noise," Japcon remembered. His brother-in-law zoomed into the objects using a telescope and described what appeared as glass panels of rotating colored light, Japcon revealed. He and Maranto estimated as many as one thousand people witnessed this event.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Charles in Joplin, Missouri, wanted to connect with anyone who may be related to his great-great-grandfather's youngest son, Edward Lacy. According to Charles, his great-great-grandfather moved to California in 1885 and changed his name because he owned money to a wagon train. Charles believes a descendent of Lacy may have relevant information. Lacy is buried in the Gavilan Hills Memorial Park in Gilroy, California, he revealed.

Kathleen from Scranton, Pennsylvania, told Ian about a her encounter with what she believes was a Bigfoot. Kathleen was living in a remote cabin in Virginia when a bizarre atmospheric anomaly occurred — "all of a sudden the air was red." Kathleen opened her door to find a large creature standing eight and a half feet tall (as measured against the height of her vehicle) about 15 feet away from her cabin. "I'm looking at this, I don't know, I called it a Yeti but it's probably a Bigfoot," Kathleen said, noting she looked into the creature's eyes and it stared back.

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