Stacy Brown Jr.

Stacy Brown Jr.


Hailing from the swamps of North Florida is filmmaker and Skunk Ape researcher Stacy Brown Jr. While watching “Unsolved Mysteries” in the early 90’s Stacy came across a segment on the Florida Skunk Ape and immediately became fascinated with the thought of a hairy monster running around the woods in his neighborhood. Over the next thirty-one years, he would dig through the libraries for information, speak with hundreds of eyewitnesses and even spend countless hours in the swamp in search of the creature. 

 On November 6th, 2011 his work would finally pay off. That night he had his very first sighting of a Skunk Ape along the Apalachicola River. Months later his father Stacy Sr would capture what is to be considered the best piece of footage of a Skunk Ape or Bigfoot-type creature on thermal in northern Florida with a FLIR camera while camping one night with his son. Since then you may have seen Stacy Brown Jr. on Finding Bigfoot, Strange Evidence, the Travel Channel, and Spike TV's 10 million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, in which he was awarded the $100,000 research grant. In 2019, Stacy released a film documenting the best evidence and stories from his years of research titled "The Skunk Ape Lives" which is available on YouTube now.



Past Shows:

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