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Lindy Tucker

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Research writer Lindy Tucker has studied unusual beeping sounds associated with UFOs from Canada to the United States from the 1960s through the 1990s. Her investigations started in 1975 after she and her neighbors in Orton, Ontario Canada experienced mysterious light, energy and sound phenomena resulting in a close UFO encounter. She collected other identical sound recordings, creating the largest civilian data base of anomalous acoustical sounds or "beeps" associated with UFO sightings. Results of her research and analysis have been published internationally, including the MUFON Journal.


Past shows:

'Andromeda Strain' Sequel / Beeping UFOs

Daniel H. Wilson talked about his sequel to The Andromeda Strain. Followed by Cheryll Jones interviewing Lindy Tucker on UFO beeping phenomena. More »

Last Night

Bradley Garrett shared his research into underground bunkers and communities, and the prepping phenomenon. First-hour guest, Professor Slim King updated the DB Cooper mystery.

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