Paul Vigna

Paul Vigna


Paul Vigna writes for the Wall Street Journal's MoneyBeat blog, covering the equities market and dipping into economics, technology, and finance. He is also the host of the MoneyBeat daily web show on, and appears regularly on television, radio, and podcasts. A native of New Jersey and a 1990 graduate of Fairfield University, he's been in journalism for more than 20 years as a reporter, editor, and photographer.



Past Shows:

  • Border UFOs

    UFO researchers Noe Torres (Hour 2) and Ruben Uriarte (Hours 3 & 4) discussed several strange UFO incidents that have happened along the US-Mexico border, including a mid-air collision between a plane and a UFO in August of 1974. Writers for the Wall Street Journal, Paul...More »

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Anger Management / Aliens, Dimensions, & AI
Anger Management / Aliens, Dimensions, & AI
Psychologist Faust Ruggiero discussed different forms of anger and methods to constructively process it. Followed by Jennifer Carmody, also known as JK ULTRA, on aliens, AI, and interdimensional phenomena.


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