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Andrea Perron

Andrea Perronpicture


Andrea Perron is the oldest child of the Perron family that was featured in last year's surprise hit horror movie, The Conjuring. Ms. Perron has written two books detailing her bizarre encounters and is completing her 3rd installment in the House of Darkness House of Light series that documents the real life experiences she and her family encountered in a disturbingly haunted house.



Past shows:

Extreme Hauntings Special

You're lying in bed when you hear a weird creeping sound coming up your stairs. You think it might just be the wind, but the sound gets louder and louder. You peek through the sheets and see a figure cloaked in black standing in front of your bed. It leaves you paralyzed in... More »

The Conjuring Case

Andrea Perron is the oldest child of the Perron family, whose real life experiences in a haunted house in the 1970s inspired the hit horror movie, The Conjuring (trailer). She joined Dave Schrader (email) for the entire program to detail the bizarre and disturbing occurrences... More »


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