Tommy Waller

Tommy Waller


Tommy Waller is Director for Special Projects at the Center for Security Policy and oversees state initiatives for grid security with the Secure the Grid Coalition. Waller has more than 15 years of experience as an Infantry Officer and Expeditionary Ground Reconnaissance Officer in the Marine Corps and service spanning multiple deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, and South America. His assignments have ranged from conducting basic infantry operations, special operations and reconnaissance in combat environments to assignments in staff planning, logistics, training support and professional instruction.

In late 2014, Tommy was recruited as the youngest member of The Center for Security Policy’s “Tiger Team” to use President Reagan’s National Security Decision Directive 75 (a formerly Top Secret document containing his strategy to defeat Soviet communism) as the basis for which to craft a workable strategy for the United States to defeat its current global, ideologically driven, enemy: the Global Jihad Movement. He now works diligently to educate state and national level policymakers as well as law enforcement on the Nation’s grave national security threats and some of the methods to defend against these threats, notably The Secure Freedom Strategy.


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