John Lenard Walson

John Lenard Walson


John Lenard Walson is an amateur astronomer who discovered through his re-engineering of telescopes and off-the-shelf video cameras, an entirely new way to look at the planets. He uses four spectrums-- InfraRed, Night Vision, Thermal and Ultra Violet. He has discovered anomalies on the moon and other planets. Through his technique he has filmed the alleged US secret space program as well and UFO’s and paranormal activities. His filming style allows him to peer into complete darkness and see things the human eye and civilian telescopes can't.

John has confirmation from a Professor at Cambridge that he indeed has “lucky imaged” the United States Star Wars project. This might also be in league with the program called "Solar Warden." John is slated for a season of an upcoming show filming throughout the Southwest looking for UFOs, Bigfoot and the paranormal. His dream is to have a mobile observatory that he can take to schools and teach the world to "look up again."


Past Shows:

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Tic Tac UFOs / UAP Hearings
Documentary director Caroline Cory and technology researcher Dave Mason discussed the true nature of UFOs. Followed by researchers Joe Murgia, Danny Silva, and Ryan Robbins on the first open congressional hearings on UAP.
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